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dmr III solution
Entry Level DMR Trunking System DS 6000
Kirisun’s trunked Digital Mobile Radio (DMR Tier III) solutions are designed to deliver business and mission-critical communication services to demanding users across the globe.
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Instant communication, no limitation in coverage! Local, Inter State, Crossing International Borders.
Kirisun PoC solution provides a step above the typical two-way radio user experience with its reliable infrastructure system, feature-rich with stylish aesthetics and ruggedly designed terminals.
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dmr ii solution
ds 5800
The DS5800 is a highly scalable, feature-rich dispatch solution. Its single and multi-site IP connection capabilities allow it to provide advanced voice and data services to Kirisun DMR II radio terminals across various networks.
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Established in 2018, Kirisun Americas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Kirisun Communication Co. Ltd. Based out of Miami Florida, we are positioned to optimally serve our network of dealers and distributors throughout all the Americas.
Initially established in 1986, Kirisun Communication Co., Ltd is a fully independent company operating its own sales, R&D and manufacturing divisions. With distribution to its own domestic market, as well as world-wide, it’s easy to see why Kirisun is currently ranked among industry leaders.


PoC Solution

Kirisun PoC solution is a radio communication system that operates on a combination of mobile networks (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi access points to provide wide-area connectivity and radio coverage. This approach allows the system to provide highly efficient and reliable critical communication along with dispatching capabilities used in enterprises, institutions, utility plants, transportation, logistics, hospitality, retail, industrial parks, factories, air/seaports, among various other industries. Due to its wide coverage map and reliance on existing infrastructure, the system can be rapidly deployed in batches to meet the users’ specific needs. This scalability of implementation allows for improved emergency response speed and overall work efficiency.



Kirisun products and industry solutions are widely used in a variety of government industries and commercial businesses.

Rapid Communications & GPS Tracking



Admiral’s Cove

The Problem

Providing a Complete updates Radio system and FCC Licensing for a Distinguished, Top Class Golf and Boating Community in Jupiter Florida (Admirals Cove)

The Solution

Multi UHF DMR repeater System with Combining – Providing complete inside and outside coverage of the 6 Square Mile Facility that includes A Golf Resort and Intercoastal Marina

The End Result

The installation of the Kirisun RF Coverage Design not only covered the property but well beyond its boundaries. Customer is 100 % satisfied with the Kirisun DMR Radio System

Our Products

DR 600 Repeater(s), DP 480 UHF Handhelds

Dealer – Rapid Communications & GPS Tracking – Coconut Creek, Florida 954-633-2890 Wireless Communication Solutions


Landscaping Contractor

The Problem

Inefficient communication between teams out in the field and their equipment depot.

The client’s in-office staff were relying on cell phones to stay in touch with their fleet vehicles. An in-office agent would relay incoming procurement requests to another in-office agent who would in turn have to physically locate a fulfillment specialist at their storage yard to pass the request along. The arrangement of items for pickup requiring the involvement of so many team members was placing a huge strain on the company’s workforce, resulting in unnecessarily high payroll costs.

They required clear voice communication with sophisticated individual and group call support in order to stay connected within their facilities and throughout the different regions of the state in which their fleet operates.

The Solution

We designed a hybrid system that would immediately start saving this landscaping contractor time and money by implementing two different radio technologies that integrate seamlessly. This dual-pronged approach would achieve efficient communications both on-site and across the fleet’s vast footprint, with the added benefit of eliminating unnecessary contact with the front office. Fleet operators would now have the ability to communicate with the fulfillment team directly in order to coordinate their supply needs.

We selected our DP585 waterproof two-way radios for the fulfillment specialists whose duties placed them outdoors regularly, they are heavy-duty and designed to withstand any climate conditions thrown their way. We deployed a TM840-GW DMR-to-PoC gateway appliance to seamlessly relay the DP585’s localized radio transmissions from the depot to the wider area network T65 radios being utilized out in the field.

We chose our T65 PoC nationwide Push-to-Talk trackable radios for the fleet operators due to their ability to connect across hundreds of miles. The DMR-to-PoC gateway gives on-site radio users the capability to instantly contact fleet vehicle operators and vice versa. By implementing DMR radios and a DMR-to-PoC gateway we were able to eliminate the monthly costs our client would have incurred for the radios that remain within the facilities, which translates into substantial savings for them on an annual basis.

The End Result

Whether on-premises or out in the field, every team member now has the capability of listening to all transmissions in real-time, and supervisors can initiate private communications with fleet vehicle operators without disrupting other members.

We deployed our PC-based dispatch console software at the front office which allows them to track all fleet vehicles via GPS and initiate group or individual calls from one interface. This functionality helps them improve the customer service they provide to their clients by allowing them to give accurate ETAs of when vehicles will arrive, all while keeping their employees safe behind the wheel by giving them the capability of communicating instantly with a single push of a button.

Products Used

T65 PoC Nationwide Push-to-Talk GPS trackable Radios
TM840-GW PoC-to-DMR Gateway Appliance
On-Site DP585 DMR 2-Way Outdoor Radios
Dispatcher Console Desktop PC GPS Tracking Application

Solution Installed and Provided by

Barry Meyers Wireless Communication Solutions

Undisclosed End User


College Campus

The Problem

The client operates two campuses that are geographically separated from each other. Each campus had its own set of two-way radios that its team members were using to communicate over a single group channel. The limited distance capabilities of this system would not allow communication between the two campuses. With security and maintenance operations being coordinated from the main campus, the college would have to rely on cellular phones to relay time-sensitive information from one campus to the other.

The challenge was to design a two-way radio system that would enable the two campuses to communicate more efficiently. Several individual and group channels would be needed to improve coordination within and between the different departments of the college

The Solution

The deployment of DR600 DMR digital repeaters at each campus would provide excellent signal strength to their respective set of local DP480 two-way radios. The DR600 repeaters’ IP Ethernet transversal capabilities would allow them to interconnect to leverage the colleges existing wide-area network (WAN). Configuring the system to provide individual and group channels greatly improved the efficiency with which the college’s maintenance, security, transportation, and administration departments were able to communicate, regardless of where their team members were located on either campus.

The End Result

The installation of the Kirisun IP Connected repeater system continues to provide the college with reliable, unified communications across both of its locations. No longer relying on cellular infrastructure, and having their team members only required to carry one radio regardless of which campus they’re on, every department is now able to provide much faster response times.

Our Products

DR600 Repeater(s), DP480 UHF Handheld Radio(s)

Dealer – System design provided to the dealer by Kirisun Americas engineering department.